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Natalie Darling Murray

my aunt told me a home remedie her friend use to do this and then i started it works pretty good... k well

spread olive oil all over your hair then put a plastic bag over your hair (tip: tie you hair with the bag on so you do suffacte yourself)

k well then you leave it over night and your hair is really soft and it stops frizz ..... wash & condition your hair in the morning and enjoy your hair

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should you have your hair wet or dry when you put olive oil in it?


Does vegetable oil work the same as olve oil? x

re-read b4 sending

Check your words -so you do suffocate yourself? You mean 'So you DON'T suffocate yourself'


not that nice

Cindy C

TO 1:50:48 _I would think you put it in your hair dry or she would have sait to wet hair first. Also, It seems like water wopuld repel the oil. Your hair will soak up oil much better when dry. Just a thought.


i used oil, mayo, and grape seed oil. and left it in my hair for like 3 hours i have hair like a Samoa no offense to any one. but it is my first time ever for my self now i apply same thing to my daughter like at least once a month and her hair looks good until she kills it again by streghtening it

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