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I will give the remedy and explain why some things work for some but not others. The vinegar may have helped some people because it could change the Ph value of the skin and make it inhospitable for fungus. People have different Ph values in their skin so they get different results.I have read a hundred of these remedy's and no one has mentioned salicylic acid. Until recently it was in acne medications. It drys the skin by washing away the oils that help hold the skin together. I used it twice a day for a week, applying very heavy. My skin began to peel like I had a sunburn. It cured me. There was a product in the early 70s made by Blistosol that treated AF by making the top layer of skin peel away. They removed it from the market but it did work very well. This sort of thing is dangerous so I am not recomending you try it. These are just my experiences.

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Lore B

Salicylic acid is a fancy name for aspirin. For anyone who doesn't want to buy an expensive product you can get powdered aspirin from the grocers, apply a few drops of water to make a dry paste, clean the area with rubbing alcohol and scrub the paste on the area. Leave to sit a few minutes and brush off. If you're lazy, buy Tend Skin. I used to work for the company and can attest to the efficacy of the product.

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