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If you are on the Depo shot to prevent pregnacy, and you develope genital herpes, stop taking the shots. I had it so bad they were about to do laser surgery, but I stopped the depo and they all dissappeared within a few weeks.

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Very interesting - I just stopped taking the depo (2 months) haven't had an outbreak since. I will update in another 2 months - so far so good!


i also stopped taking the depo just over a year ago. i havent had an outbreak in almost a year and a half and i thought it was weird. my doctor said i just had a higher immune system or something but now that i read this i'm not so sure if thats the only reason for my lack of outbreaks...not that im complaining!! you should definatley try it just to see what happens.


when i got first out break i didnt know how it could of started and then realize all the sudden after i had got on the depo shot for the first time i had an outbreak shortly after . but as soon as i got off the outbreak i got a outbreak again after 3 months


I just got the Depo shot and what do you know... I have an outbreak. WTF!!


omg if that is tru it explainz so much because I've have outbreakz b4 and can usualli jus live thru it but when I got da shot for the first time in august I got anuva outbreak nd it waz sooo bad. I'm certainli getn off the shot n c wat happnz.


That is how I found out that I had H. It was in 2004. I have had only three breakouts since and am very fortunate to nat have had more. I have tried dating guys from but have not had much luck. I have been dating the same guy for the last 2 and 1/2 years who did not have H and still has not cought it from me. I do not use any remidies and we do not have sex durring outbreaks. We are a good match and i hope that one day we will get married and live happily together forever.


I recently started the depo shot and have had 2 outbreaks since. I have had it for 3 years and have only had two outbreaks and since I started the shot I have doubled that. Normally when there is an outbreak it is in the same spot and not severe at all and now I have an outbreak and it is in a different spot. I am going to get off the shot and see what happens.

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