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Hi I know what your all going through the pain of a toothache is the worst and its always worst at bed times when u put your head on the pillow. Sit up in bed that works until u nod off , but the one cure that worked for me was..... I have a hole in side off tooth so I dried it out with some tissues then with a pin head I pushed in some cotton wool (dry) and packed it in then got some supper glue and dropped on a small drop of glue onto cotton wool witch soaked it up tasted horrible but after a min went very hard . Done what a relief its been a few hours now and still no pain. Hope it works for u . Nick

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That's ingenious!!!!! You can also shoot in a micro rubber plug if you have the appliance.


you fattyboombastic my mouth wont open with the superglue , i had to go hospital u slithering baboon. you excuse of a man my mouth is glued shut i'm in therapy now because they think i'm a retard you cheap sleezebag

pinkey x


UM, REALLY! you can go to walmart and buy a temporary filling. It is near the fixadent. Usually called temperin or something close. Superglue? how bad was your infection?


Ha , ha, ha ha ha, if my tooth wasn't hurting so bad I would laugh more. Oh my goodness.


Oh my gosh, Im am laughing my butt off, its 2:07am,my bed and floor is full of kids, Im in soooo much pain and still laughing. That was hilarious. But really, Hospital? didnt you know that nail polish remover will take the superglue off. Now dont drink the nail polish remover, just apply it to the outside or your lips next time, without licking it.


Are you kidding? Super glue? I;m sure that the pain was bad but Super Glue? That'poison and can glue your mucus membranes together!


my dentist told me to use a small piece of gum to cover a whole in a tooth(like if a filling falls out or you have a bad cavity) or else to use the gum flattened out as a sort of plaster wrap to cover the tooth-The idea is to block the air from coming in & out so it doesnt hurt.Ive found that u can just use a strong minty gum (sugarless) or else add some extra holds better in place than a piece of cotton/tissue, though u may have to change it every few hours it does help ALOT!Give it it atry!

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