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Try not to eat a couple of hours before bed and milk always helps.

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A glass of milk helps me when I wake up burning and can't get back to sleep.


Milk is suposed to be the worst thing to take when you have heartburn its quinches at the time but it turns thick when its down in your stomach..I suffer severly from heartburn and am sick of eating rennies and gavison so im away home this evening to try the mustard suggestion!!


Milk does NOT help. Milk is slightly acidic and people are mistaken in thinking it will coat, cure, or even mildly help heartburn, it will, in face, aggravate it... you might feel better for a couple minutes, but it will come back worse as the hydrochloric acid in your stomach reacts to the lactose. Milk is definitely a NO GO!


There right , My GI doc told me that milk is not good at all . The body thinks your eating a steak in which it then produces more acid to break down the meat. You then have worse heart burn.

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