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firstly, my heart goes out to all you tootache sufferers. here are 3 things you should to to help keep the pain away for about 4-5 hours at a time..

1. glass of water with plenty of salt and swish around the mouth.

2. brush your teeth every couple of hours.

3. keep mouthwash with you and use regularly when you feel symptoms of pain.

4. regular doses of paracetamol and iburofen

5. drink plenty of water!

6. dip a cotton bud in clove oil and rub on affected tooth and gum (taste horrible but works and numbs)

my absyss began last night following these regularly my absyss popped and leaked on its own.. swelling still there but no real pain... good luck guys!

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but wont the infection still be there even if it leaks or will it go away?

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