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My daughter and I discovered we had lice this past Wednesday. The treatments we used worked wonders. We did mayo on our heads for over 2 hours with shower caps, washed our hair out with coconut shampoo and conditioner. Then sprayed gold Listerine all over our heads and left on for 3 hours with a shower cap on our heads. Washed it out with coconut shampoo and conditioner again. Then went through my daughters hair with live comb. There were no more lice but did pull out a few nits. My mother went through my hair and found nothing at all. We sprayed some more Listerine in our hair overnight. Our heads were checked in the morning and there was absolutely nothing in our hair. I payed special attention to washing my slipped covers on my sofa, did 8 loads of laundry, vacuumed all the mattresses and sprayed the Listerine all over everything, including our pillows and matresses after cleaning those. I spent all day treating our heads and cleaning but it really worked. I will continue to check our heads and spray out heads for the next several days just for extra precaution. I hope this helps someone.

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Thnak you for your info it helped i have 4girls and with very long hair and your treatment helped thank you.


ok I'm going to try it this way now. I have done the mayo thing before and it seemed to work so I'll step it up and see if this does better. cross fingers I will post again and let everyone know how it works... thanks for the tips


After Doing All of that, Do You HAVE To Go Through The Hair With The Comb?


Does The Listerine HAVE To Be The Gold One? xxx


Regarding the use of Listerine, be cautious if you or your child has sensitive skin. The back of my neck itched for about 3 days after I tried Listerine. Maybe stuffing some cotton under the rim of the shower cap may prove to be useful.

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