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I went from almost disabled by asthma (couldn't take stairs on bad days) to almost asthma-free with natural remedies.

However, it wasn't simple. If your asthma is really bad, you have to change your life like I did. The whole process took about a year. I changed my diet, my amount of exercise, I started using medicinal teas, doing yoga, etc. I even changed my attitude. I would be happy to tell anyone about it, but the thing is, you really have to change your lifestyle. One or two things won't make much difference. Anyway here is a quick list of the things I do:

Environment: Take all perfumes and artificial chemicals out of your home. Use only natural soaps and detergents and deodorants.

Diet: I became a vegetarian, I cut out all greasy food (no deep fried), I cook all my own food, I eat light. I eat Indian style, lots of lentils. Breakfast is something like fresh oatmeal with raisins and dates. Lunch is lentils with veggies, dinner is something light like rice and tofu and veggies, or a bunch of fruit in the summer. Stop eating all processed foods, no chips, no packaged anything. Stop using the microwave, give it away, only cook on the stove or oven.

Yoga: stretching and relaxation and strengthening exercises. If you body is loose and relaxed, your asthma will be less. I discovered that asthma attacks are related to panic attacks, if you can keep calm, you won't have an asthma attack.

Over the years I learned to anticipate my cough reflex and suppress it, because coughing can trigger an attack. I take calm deep breaths when I am avoiding coughing.

Teas: licorice: boil for ten minutes, let sit for five. Drink. You can get it commercially (try all the commercial brands of anti-asthma tea and see which one works best for you, but don't just steep the tea, boil it). Health food stores also sell pure licorice both powdered or the raw sticks. You can grind the sticks in your coffee grinder and then boil the powder for very fresh and strong licorice tea.

Peppermint tea sometimes works too.

There are many India medicinal teas you can try, look up 'Ayurveda'.

Every morning after you go to the restroom, face the sun, take a deep breath while raising your arms above your head and stretching, then exhale while leaning all the way back. Inhale again deeply while streching up, then exhale at you bend over to touch your toes.

Laugh a lot everyday as much as you can.

Figure out what triggers your asthma and avoid it. Emotional stress can trigger asthma, so pinpoint what's wrong and try to solve it.

Avoid alcohol.

Avoid bananas.

When you feel an attack coming, raise your arms above your head.

Walk instead of using a car. Or use a bike.


Drink plenty of water.

Sometimes oranges seem to stave off asthma.

Get a daily / weekly regime going with exercise, food, etc.

I would be happy to help someone who is really looking, for free, really I am not selling anything. Contact me through ayurvedachef (dot) info

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Jared Hughes

Hello my name is Jared and I am 17 years old. My mother just lost her job so we have no insurance, and i have fought with asthma my entire life. I need to find a way to get rid of it permanently so i dont have to worry bout where my next inhaler comes from. if you have any further advice on the matter please help me because I am tired of seeing my mother cry cuz we cant afford my medicine.


do i know y banana cant it while im sufffering into asthma thanks ma'am



I suffer from really bad asthma and have tried all of these but nothing seems to work.

My lungs are the age of a 73 years old and im only 18!
I get it worse at night and i use my puffers almost every hour..


Emotional stress really triggers asthma attack it happends to me everytime I'm mad with my husband or in our helper and i used to suppressed my feelings, I dont let it out so it's killing me softly. I cant sleep bcoz i cant breathe so i just drink black coffee to be relieved.


Thanks for you advice, it is very helpful


request you to provi9de solution for above mentioned comment


request you to provide solution for above mentioned comment


Hi, Go on this website: Earth to find solutions.


This is really convincing.According to siddha medicine originated 1000 years ago most of the diseases are caused by the toxins in our body.They accumulate mainly due to pollution, exposure to allergic substances and the change in our life styles.Like said by you a proper diet,intake of correct medicine and disciplined way of living can not only cure asthma but also cure it. Thanks for the simple but valuable advises. You may visit or the related blogs to know more about natural cure for asthma.

s. k. pandey, delhi

it seems to help me, though i am not sure whether i am asmatic or not but i have allergic rhinitis and many times i have to breath tough so tough. i'll try them.

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