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Always wash and dry really well esp after sex. Its the concept of bad bacteria vs good bacteria. Lactic acids and the good bacteria that come with it are just what a healthy vagina needs to keep bad bacteria at bay. And it is what is found naturally occurring in a healthy vagina. The place to get it is plain yogurt, no sugar added or flavors. Apply a little like a cream to the outside. If the situation is really bad then put some on the inside to. This can be used to clear up a situation and avoid having to get chemical treatments. If my smell is off for whatever reason or have a irritation starting then i apply a tiny bit of yogurt and it is fine within a day. If you take antibiotics then they likely killed off all your good bacteria, in which case you need to recolonize with with good bacteria, so that bad bacteria doesn't have an opening to take over causing much discomfort. Its all about creating a balance in the vagina flora.

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