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Cramp free

No single remedy really works all the time. I have learned over the (painful) years, that I have do a series of things to be cramp-free. I am 65 y.o. and in good health. Former smoker, daily beer drinker.
Here's my daily routine to prevent cramps:
In the morning I take 3 tablets of Calcium/Magnesium and 3 tabs of Potassium.
4 times per day I stretch my calf muscles as far back as I can go for 45 seconds or more.
Every 3AM bathroom trip I drink an 8 ounce glass of Tonic with quinine. I raised the headboard of my bed by 5 inches.
Cramps used to force me to get up at 6AM, now I can sleep in late, without cramps.
Also, try not to sit on a chair with your legs folded underneath the chair.
It all seems like a lot of work, but it becomes a daily routine and it is worth it.

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Pollie Mereis

Beware of taking quinine, it can damage one's hearing.

Carol Ann

Quinine can also damage bone marrow and the FDA recently warned that it SHOULD NOT be taken for leg cramps !


Research has been done by the big companies that 'showed some improvement in 60% of the cases' with quinine.
So GPs prescribe it.

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