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david saint

Ive tried the anti fungal cream, with polysporin at night..i woke up and the lesion was actually worse! I tried the tea tree oil with Vitamin E oil (from the capsules), nothing changed. Ive tried basically every remedy listed here, and while i dont have the deep cuts or anything, my lips are always dry and i have a little red mark (lesion) on one side that just will not go away to save my life. I havent cut back on bread, which i do eat a lot i will be trying that next. Again, i dont have the deep cuts really, just the embarrassing legion/red mark. I do know the difference between a cold sore and this, just to put that out there lol. My derm even gave me some cream for it, yet nothing..anyone have any suggestions for me? Usually i just let it be and a few months later it goes away, but i have a hot date this weekend and am desperate....

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This is my cure, and it works, I swear. I read on the internet that it was actually a form of yeast infection. I had some Monistat cream, so thought what the heck, and put some on. It has been a godsend - I've never had a full blown case of it since, as when I can tell I am starting to get it, I just put a little bit on, and it never even develops. I will never have to worry about having this again, and I'm thankful I tried this!


I tried numerous remedies as well and so far blistex has taken it away. Though i did stop using it for a week and it came back. When i got home i put some on and it cleared up in a couple of days. Hope it helps you.

Lisa Meadows

Believe it or not, the absolute best thing to use is vinegar. I know it sounds nuts, but, honestly, I've tried the anti-fungal creams and everything else, and after YEARS of dealing with this, it was plain old cider vinegar that finally wiped it out completely.

Also, two years after finding out about the vinegar cure, and then adding a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to my diet in order to stop the root cause (thus stopping the breakouts completely), I THEN found out that it was CELIAC DISEASE at the root of BOTH.

I urge anyone and everyone suffering with this problem to look up the symptoms of it as it's incredibly rare that a doctor will even both to check for it unless YOU bring the question to HIM/HER.

Good luck, all. <3

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