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Apple cider vinager. This stuff really works people. Just don't over do it. I started treating my warts with it sunday night after work. I used papper towel pieces, sat down in my chair and held it right on the warts.It didn't burn at first, but they all turned white. I thought hmmm maybe it will work. I did it for only 30 mins. Monday night same thing, they turned red that night and then black Tuesaday morning. Tuesday night I treated the skin and the warts with vitamin e oil, straight from the pill (just cut one open and squeeze) slept with it on. Today I wake up still black, but in the shower with a little coaxing 2 of them just came right off. Neosporin today for the redness that was left behind.
Also I have been on a vitamin regimin.
1000mg vitamin c, 50mg zinc, Centrum multi vitamin, and 3 times the recomended dosage of vitamin e, thats the 400 iu soft gels, so 3 of those daily. Take all vitamins with food for maximum absorbtion. Keep your immune system strong and the body will heal.
I belive for every medical problem nature can provide a cure.
If you like hot and spicey foods...use fresh jalapenos, habaneros, serranos, whatever, each hot pepper contains at least 50 times the amount of vitamin c as 1 orange. Another bit of knowledge.. cancer cells treated with capsacin (the chemical that makes the peppers hot) forces cancer cells to kill themselves.
I smoke a pack a day and my immune system is stronger than ever!

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So did you continue treatments daily? Even when they were turned red/black?

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