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This site has been soo helpful! I have no idea how to treat a toothache but because of reading the comments on this site, I feel really prepared with home remedies. My boyfriend has been complaining of terrible toothache pain around his back teeth for months and has had many sleepless nights. Today his cheek began to look swollen. I went online and came across this site. From all the comments, I decided to go with Excedrine for the pain and Advil PM to go to sleep. I had him take 2 pills of each, brush the area with toothpaste, rinse with antiseptic mouth wash, and apply orajel. He also placed an ice pack on his cheek as he lay in bed. It's been 2 hours and he is sleeping like a baby. He woke up for a moment just to tell me he feels much better. Thanks to this site someone is sleeping well tonight!

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