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I had fleas recently and I wanted to share the synthesis of different remedies I got from this site, which ended up working for me.

All in the space of a few hours, I put a layer of boric acid from the pet store over all the couches, upholstery, carpet and rugs I could find. Then I took a spray bottle containing mostly Tom's of Maine mint mouthwash, some fresh lemon juice (2-3 lemons), and several drops of eucalyptus oil and sprayed a liberal dose on top of the boric acid. Then I mopped all the wooden floors and linoleum with lemon-scented Pine-Sol. Finally, I activated an Ace Hardware store-brand 'Indoor Fogger' on a table in the middle of each room and let them work for the time indicated on each.

When the fog had cleared out, I went back in and vacuumed every surface I could find and immediately threw the bags in the trash outside. Then I applied Advantage to our two cats who started the whole mess. We haven't seen any fleas in about a month, knock on wood. I'd like to think they simply couldn't stand that eucalyptus-mint smell and got out of town; I really got the furniture soaking wet with the spray. YMMV.

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Many many quality potins there.


sounds like you did everything but burn the house down. Sure the fleas didn't die of old age?

No idea of what worked and what didn't.

This is supposed to be a non chemical, home remedy site.

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