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so ive been hanging out with my boyfriends baby sisters mom who has 3 kids and today i realized that they had head lice . i was totally freaking out because ive been spending so much time with them and my head has been itchy. so i told her to check my head and she said i dont have anything . but im still freaking out thinking to myself i know i have it. really disgusting i know ! so my boyfriend comes to get me and im in the car freaking out looking in the mirror at my hair and i find one on the side of my head i started screaming . my boyfriend thought it was a tick . um no it deffinatley was lice . so i tried some oil . i started researching some remedies on getting rid of head lice and i tried mixing my own concoction of tea tree oil and olive oil . now im just waiting on my results . my heads not itchy any more im dripping with oil im so greasy . i hope and pray this gets better !!

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I agree with everyone: Rid and Nix do NOT work. Here's what I did:
***Drenched my hair and scalp with olive oil for 4 hours. Combed through for 1 hour using the nit comb. Washed twice with Suave Coconut Shampoo, then rinsed once with Suave Coconut Conditioner. I applied the Suave Coconut Conditioner a second time and combed through for 1 hour using a nit comb. Then re-washed, re-rinsed hair with Suave and used my hair dryer on the hottest setting.***
I took care of the house as well. I used the Lice Spray on furniture and beds, washed bedding and clothes in HOT water. I have been lice-free ever since. The key is to nip it in the bud immediately and get all the eggs.
FYI: I wasn't going to go crazy shopping all over the universe to find the tea tree oil or whatever and please do not use anything you shouldn't. You can fix your problem fast with the cheap methods I went over. Good luck.

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