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i see everyone commenting about the red cross toothache kit yes it does work but the trick inside it is the clove oil. if you look around you can find the clove oil without the kit for about the same price as the kit but you will get alot more clove oil. around central ny in the states i found it at GNC. idk why but i never bothered to check CVS or Rite Aid

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I want to thank you so much for telling your story about the CLOVE OIL remedy. What a relief. I felt like shooting myself because the dry socket was so bad. My doctor gave me a scrip for 7.3 strength Vicodin which did nearly nothing along with my 800mlg Ibuprophins. I have a really high tollerance for meds and they don't seem to do me much good so I wasn't convinced that the clove oil would probably do much. It works like a charm. I slept all night long after putting a few drops on a piece of cotton ball and slipping it in over my dry socket. I left it on for maybe half an hour before spitting it out and going to bed. Excellent remedy. Thank you so much. You're my hero.

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