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WOW, HAVE to share this. After being unable to get out of bed for SIX hours today w/unbelievable migraine & associated nausea I found a miracle cure. My tried-and-true 1 dose of Exedrin Migraine didn't work at all this time (took a second, still didn't work and taking more in 24 hours can damage your liver - though dying from that at one point today seemed like a favorable option)...I remembered I had some Vitamin B3 (Niacin) at home and I know it dilates blood I decided to take one 30mg capsule and in under THIRTY MINUTES my nausea & migraine DISAPPEARED!!! Yipeee!!! I was able to totally function after I took that. PLEASE get some Niacin!!Reading this forum also helped...interesting I was having MEGA cravings for pinneapple (ate half a can) and someone on here says that can really help with prevention....but the DRAMATIC improvement came with the Vitamin B3....don't try more than 30mg at a time...too much can dilate vessels so much can give you a REALLY uncomfortably flush that lasts hours. I weigh 107 and took 30mg. Hope this helps LOTS of peeps. Presciption drugs are for sheep and lemmings.

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How does dilating blood vessels HELP to get rid of a migraine when migraines are caused by dilated blood vessels? You need to constrict the blood vessels to help and if Niacin dilates them I would think the headache would get worse. Am I missing something?


I believe, that this person had a headache (which is constricted blood vessels) and not a migraine (dilated vessels).

Good to know that B3 works for headaches, but I'm def. not going to try it for migraines! I'd hate to dilate worse!!


oh thanx for the comments,i was going to get some niacin to try it,soooo glad i read comments


I don't mean to bash your niacin cure. But my first thought after reading it was that the double dose of Exedrin probably just kicked in a bit late.

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