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Wonder Girl

hi there, im 20yrs and am feed up with paying losts of money for products that just DONT work for stretchmarks. I have made my own very effective recipe to reduce apperence of stretchmarks to vitually invisiable and even skin tone so no more ugly ridges in your skin. Now you may think my recipe has to many ingreidants and is way to costly how ever i have got most of my PURE ingrediants off ebay for far less than those expensive use-less so called miricle creams.It is a MUST to buy 100% PURE products from my ingrediants list as they do not contain harmful chemicals that harm your skin and make matters worse.
Ingrediant list: Sugar, Coffee grins, Bi card soda, fresh Aloe vera plant, Argan oil, Vitamin E oil, Emu oil, Vitamin C powder and Cocoa butter. Please buy Pure Oils and cocoa butter as well as high quality Vitamin C, if you cheap out the products you buy are not as effective and may make marks worse.
STEP ONE: Mix together coffee, sugar, bi-carb, aloe vera and enough water to make a paste. Only enough to cover the areas you want to treat! Massage onto areas and leave for 10-15 mins. Wash off in shower.
STEP TWO: Mix SMALL amounts( as a little goes along way!) of Argan oil, Vitamin E oil, Emu oil, Cocoa butter and Vitamin C powder into a consistant liquid then use as a mosturiser.
Do both steps daily for two weeks and love your skin again.

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also tell me that i should do this twice a day? at what time and other minute details if u can. please its urgent

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