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I may say a few things that some already said but when i went to a emergency clinic to get treated. Here is what information they gave me:

1. Avoid hot and cold liquids since your tooth may be sensitive to temperature changes.

2. If your tooth is chipped or cracked, or if there is a large open cavity, apply oil of cloves. You can get this over the counter drug store. Keep in mind, some pharmacies carry an over the counter 'toothache kit'. Ask around for one of those.

3. A cold pack on your jaw over the sore area could help reduce pain.

If anyone lives in Lakewood/Denver Colorado area, you may want to check out Med-express. They where super friendly (this is key since i was in pain and only had 1 hour of sleep). And they billed me instead of paying up front. Tho you may need 30 bucks for meds and antibiotics.

Also, if you don't have dental insurance (such as me), check out CDG (google this).

Google schools that will do free or low cost dental work as well. I hope this helps a little!

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