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Hello fellow sufferers,

I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate any feedback.

So I've had the bumps for about 9 years now, every time I've gone to get an STD test I have always been told that they were not STD's, I've specifically asked doctors at STD testing centers if they were genital warts and I've always been told 'No'. Just a few months ago I was fed up and decided to go the a Urologist. He reassured me that they definitely were genital warts, and suggested that I have liquid nitrogen treatment on them.

I was relieved to finally have an answer, and it goes to show that you cannot always trust medical advice from STD doctors, and that you should seek specialists.

Anyways, back to the point of the treatment, so the urologist wanted to do the liquid nitrogen treatment but at $250 per session I decided to seek a home remedy.

I've tried creams from online in the past, and like others have said, they do nothing except burn your skin and cause pain... no differences is the warts.

I read on here that someone used a compressed air canister (the computer cleaning ones), and after shaking it you hold it upside down and position a q-tip at the nozzle, and then hold the q-tip on the wart for a few seconds. I haven't had the courage to spray the can directly on the wart as it would probably be quite painful, but that might also be good solution. I've been doing this method for about 2 weeks now and the warts seem to be getting smaller, though some have turned a dark red color so I reduced applications to once a week (I was doing daily at first, but I've read on GW research that you should have 1 week rest between freezes).

My question is, have others tried the generic compressed air method (not the kind specific to warts)? Are there different chemicals in the compressed air cans that shouldn't be used for this treatment (perhaps the reason I have redness), or is this normal for the regular wart-specific freeze methods?

I am definitely going to try the vitamin e oil as some have suggested, as well as vitamin c.

Also, I'm considering the apple cider vinegar(ACV) treatment (in moderation) along with the freeze method.

I'll post a follow-up as to which method I find to be most effective for mine, and I appreciate any tips or guidance as well.

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I would honestly say to NOT freeze them with an aerosol can. I tried this method a few months back and it was hell. I overdid the treatment and the pain was not worth it. Also, I had no results. I have had the virus for over 6 years now with little results. I have started a regiment of vitamins and have been eating properly. I occasionaly use ACV....which does help some. Anyway, it's tough to live with but be positive. Something will work eventually.


@Frank So would you recommend I try a product that is specifically made for warts (like freeze-away or freeze-off), or to avoid the freezing method all together?

The Mayo-Clinic recommends treatment either via cryosurgery (freezing via liquid nitrogen), or through acid treatments (which Is why I'm assuming ACV works so well).

I've had these for 10 years and they don't go away on their own... and I am seeing some results via freezing so I don't want to give up. Once per week treatments are not that bad, but I'm still wondering if going with the name-brand product will make a difference, or if it's just as effective.


I'm the original poster... here is an update.

ACV is by far the way to go! Freezing is very slow and painful and could take months or years to fully treat... I'm seeing drastic results with ACV in only one day, and from what I've read you can be fully treated within one week! I'll follow up with a complete guide once I'm sure this solution works.


@ Scooter. Maybe named branded products like the one you mentioned may work. Just don't use an airduster. I will be using ACV and switch out with castor oil every other day. I will also be meeting with an herbal doctor next week....something has to work.


@Frank... I ditched the freezing method, it's not effective and it's very painful.

I started the ACV treatment 3 days ago and I'm almost 100% treated! One of my smaller warts fell off, and the big ones are about 1/4 their original size! I'm extatic! Full walkthrough on the way!

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