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I have discovered that when my body lacks potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc, I get RLS. My sister had it also. I found that if you exercise or drink a lot of water, these minerals are eliminated from your body through sweating or urination. Other things such as diuretics, like caffeine, meds even other vitamins can also cause a loss of these vitamins. Some people when they take potassium, get energy and can't sleep, so you might take the potassium earlier or try different types, which also makes a difference

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Thanks for you advice of restless leg. I had it in '05 and use herb to rid it.
It came be several times. This time i sort nutrients for relief and you remedy helped me, I Praise God for sending me to this site. I took 4 magnesium, 2 potassium, 1 zinc,and 2 calcium and experienced absolutely no restless leg this happened 12-17, and 12-18. I know that was a relief remedy.
thank you

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