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I've gotten hives from acidic foods and scented lotions/skin products my entire life that would cover my entire body and usually last around 3 weeks and although I have tried everything. Claritan used to carry Claritan Hives which worked the best but they discontinued its production. And yes tempid oatmeal baths and staying cool helps. However I have found that soaking in the ocean or a pool nearly eliminated my hives within 1-2 days. There is something about the cold water combined with the salt or chlorine that completely sucks all the toxins out of my welts and they stop itching for hours and after usually 2 soaks they are completely gone. I highly recomend everyone try it. DO NOT SOAK IN THE HOT TUB, the heat makes them far more irritated.

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I went in the pool yesterday and noticed that the hives stopped itching and the rednesss went away. However I thought it was because I had went to the doc hours before and had them inject me with cortizone to help it go away. I think the combination of the two has made like 99.9% better. Still a little itch but not much. Just a little redness. The hardest part is NOT itching. I cant NOT itch!! LOL

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