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Best remedy for Lice is simple: apply a thick coating of mayonnaisse to your child's hair. Be sure to massage it down to the roots and the scalp, paying particular attention to the nape of the neck and the areas just above the ears. Carefully wrap a plastic grocery bag or plastic wrap around the hair (DO NOT LEAVE CHILD UNATTENDED, PLASTIC BAGS CAN CAUSE SUFFOCATION) and wait one hour. **Rinse hair in very warm/hot water, using a comb to help slide mayo off of hair. The lice will have risen to the surface of the hair and will be easy to remove, and the nits will slide right out. Wash hair with DAWN Dishwashing liquid to get residual oils out. Then follow with shampoo and conditioner, preferably a Coconut-scented brand and/or one that contains Tea Tree Oil (lice HATE both of these). Repeat again in 10 days. Great alternative to harsh chemical shampoos, and EFFECTIVE!

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i used the mayo treatment several times, but i use winter tobaggons instead of a plastic bag, the lice try to get away and end up sticcking to it.


I have used this treatment, but let me state the in using Dwan you also wash away the natural oils that your hair needs.


I can't really say what works best at killing them other then any remedy or commercial treatment but I can say that once you have rid yourself (or child) of them you can help to keep them away by washing your hair with Dandruff Shampoo once or twice a week as a ritual. Lice can't survive with the chemical that is in the dandruff shampoo.


I have used ever brand over-the-counter no success at all then I used mayo and man o man I tell ya it was a blessing in my house of 5kids an 2adults four are girls with long hair might I add. Why of course you have to keep checking your childs head everyday as I would recommend to anyone and the reinfestation could come from some parents just not telling the school daycare ect.. and thats a big problem or some parents aren't educated on situations with headlice so they think well just use an over-the-counter product and lice be gone .. Thats almost alot of the problem around me and were I live so I tell the school to please send home notification to these parents and explain on how to take care of this situation at hand

Well good luck to all that are dealing with headlice


I used the mayo treatment last nite.I still see the white I guess thats the egg still on the hair. Do I have to wait or can I redo the mayo right away or do I have to wait a certain amount of time? I've never had this problem before.My daughter and I both have them or prayerfully had them....HELP ME

Eljeh Gb'ayan

Hello everyone. I couldn't help but to comment to some of your comments and concerns regarding head lice. Listen up, everyone! This is shocking and again, it could be appalling, but it's the honest God truth. If you want to end the head-lice thing, then, this is what you HAVE to do. Go to any store, go browsing down the health and beauty area. Go down to the BLACK section, where there is hair grease and oils. Pick up any bottle of hair grease or hair oil. But, it's best to get hair grease. Bring it home, and part each strand of your hair and and massage the hair grease onto your scalp. Put a plastic bag on and sleep with it on. Get up the next morning and wash it out. If you continue this cycle, at least 2-3 times a month, I promise you, you will be free of the head-lice thing. Black people do not get plagued with head-lice because of the hair grease and oils that they put on their hair and on their scalp. However, some of them are plagued with head-lice, as well. Just try it, it really works. Oh, yeah--there's one more thing. Do not go and get a bottle of Vaseline. Vaseline doesn't tend to kill them as quickly as the hair greases and hair oils products does. There's a justified reason for this as well. See, Vaseline is pure petroleum jelly. It does not have all those nutrients, herbs, garlic, jo-jo and healthy ingredients that hair greases and oils have. Lice will die quickly if you use the BLACK people hair greases and oils. Please try it for yourself and you will see. Signing off, from a hair specialtist.

research shows

first of all children have sencitive scin and tea tree oil can cause allergic reactions even blisters.tea trea oil and lavender have been found in studies to show breast enlargement in boys and seriouse skin reactions do your research before you get to excited moms and daughter and i are both readheads and have very sensitve skin.


This rememedy does not work.

Happy Head

I caked mayo on my hair. Then i tied a plastic shopping bag around it (makeshift shower cap) i left it for three or four hours. then i got in the shower with just a regular brush and just brushed like there was no tomorrow! i shampooed three times then, now my little 'friends' are down the drain. it worked for me :)

....... now i smell like mayonnaise... i HATE mayonnaise... but it's better than lice!


ima try it? Hope it works!

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