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Quantum Research Canker Cover are absolutely the best method I've used. I get them on a periodic basis, but when I do, they're generally in multiples of 2-3, 6. And yes, they hurt like hell, make me cranky and I don't want to speak or eat. Most recently the little suckers are on both right and left sides of my tongue and I've only had it happen once before, put the Canker Cover on using a small set of tweezers due to the odd location and within 2 days, GONE! So, off to the store and Canker Cover to the rescue.

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DON'T do this!!!! I used one of these patches. It burned like the package says, but after a while, the burn down the throat gets bad. I sucked it up for about 2 hours till I thought fire was shooting down my throat. I took it off and went to bed. It seemed the menthol ( active ingredient) gave me a chemical burn, because I woke up with my entire mouth and throat burned. The canker was ten times worse today. I have been rinsing in warm sea salt water. My daughter looked up canker sores and came up with trying antacid like tums or pepto just does loving them in the mouth. It has eased both the burn and the cancer tenderness so much I am surprised. I will be trying the water, salt, peroxide trick to see if it helps. But for a helper in the pain, try the anti acid. :)

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