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Hi there, i'm 17 years old at the moment and i have had 3 teeth pulled so far from abscessed teeth(going on my 4th one). I pick getting pulled because its less a hassle than getting a root canal and there's a chance that it could come back( it already happened to me) I have no idea what's wrong with me..i brush and floss and rinse with mouth wash everyday and night..but i keep getting abscessed teeth..anyone know what could be the far since this one started hurting..i got on the amoxicillin and ive been rinsing with salt water..and ive taken a pain pill. Ive noticed when i start hitting the punching bag and exert some energy the pain will subside for awhile till i stop..soo go for a run and just try not to think about it..

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Dear I hate to ell you but if it is your adult teeth. They DO NOT 'grow back' the only teeth that have replacements are the baby teeth. You only get 2 sets of teeth in your lifetime, the baby teeth and the adult teeth after that they're gone forever.


You might want to make some dietary changes and see if that helps. Multiple rounds of antibiotics (which you have taken) destroy your beneficial gut flora (good bacteria in your digestive tract) and weaken your immune system. Good oral hygiene only goes so far. Cutting out sugars and refined carbs (white flour, white pasta, white rice) would be a great place to start. Also think about trying to go dairy free or gluten free for a while to see if that effects you. Check out the book Cure Tooth Decay from the library for some other ideas. I changed my diet and my kids diets and we've been so much healthier. Used to all get tons of cavities, but not so when avoiding processed foods and above listed food groups. I know it seems crazy to make such a drastic change but start with sugar and see how much better you feel. You may want to keep going! Best of luck


Oops, forgot to mention probiotics to rebuild your store of good gut flora and improve your immunity. Check out that book for details. You can get quality probiotics as a supplement, or make or buy some naturally fermented sauerkraut and eat lots of it! Supplementing your diet with quality cod liver oil is also a great idea. Good luck!


Really hate to hear your plight and definitely feel for you. I realize this is a long message so I'll put the important part here. I never heard it before recently but dry mouth can cause these problems. I would suggest you give it some thought and get an experts opinion if possible. If you can't, maybe just try Biotene or other dry mouth treatment solutions to see if they make a difference. Now some detail on my experience. First, I've been feeling really sorry for myself because my teeth started falling apart at age 40 so I can only imagine how you feel. Not sure about you but I have no dental insurance so can't do much about my problems, really upsets me. Can't afford a dentist but apparently my disability income places me in an income bracket far too high to qualify for public health/social services programs that would otherwise solve the problem. At the moment I have one abscessed tooth, four exposed nerves with an overall count of nine teeth needing pulled. I go to the emergency room when the infection gets bad for anti-biotics. I have some hope that some recent leads may work out but the thought of dentures for the rest of my life really sucks. I miss eating so much and can't imagine dentures will make it that much easier. By the way, the first time I ever heard dry mouth was the most likely culprit was at age 40. I was told that when my teeth were already falling apart and I took advantage of a free evaluation at a private dentist. They showed me the door real quickly after telling me how dire my situation was and they could get started for only $1,500 down. Of course I couldn't afford it and my credit wasn't strong enough to be approved for the credit card their financial department suggested. That's when I was shown the door, couldn't even get the film from them to submit to a dental school for evaluation. I have seen many dentists throughout my life and it has never been mentioned. How are you supposed to know, its not like you know how moist your mouth should be instinctively. It's not something you generally discuss with others, at least I never have. I can't see asking friends or family how moist there mouth is to make comparisons. Just don't see how your supposed to know if a dentist can't tell you. Whole thing really makes me angry. Best of luck. Why aren't dental emergencies treated the same as other medical emergencies. It seems like dental emergencies are considered elective or even cosmetic in nature. Very angry, sorry for rant.


If your looking for cheap here's what I have done and saved thousands! I heard of over seas dentist being significanlty cheaper. So, I looked into it and get this?! I found a good reliable dentist who charges as lil as $250 for a root canal or crown! As opposed to thousands of dollars, I'd say it's wayyy worth it (that's also including airfare)! I did it and I'm happy!..not to mention his lowere prices for fillings (around $30)! If anyones interested, let me know? I'm planning to head there soon!

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