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I had the most painful warts on the balls of my feet and they were covered with callous. I think I first got the warts when I used a razor blade to shave off the callous and then I wore flip-flops right afterwards. Probably the virus got into the open 'wound'. Later, when I would shave the callous I would hit a reddish-black dot that would make me scream in pain. It was like hitting a nerve. Soon it became painful to walk. Over the course of YEARS I've had them cut out, burned out, you name it. But they kept coming back. Horrible. Then I read on one of these remedy sites about apple cider vinegar. It's a miracle cure. Very painful but it works. I soaked a small piece of cotton in ACV and taped (white medical tape, waterproof)it directly over the wart. One foot at a time folks, cuz it hurts.
I did this every night. Some nights I had to take aspirin or an Exedrin PM so that I could sleep with the throbbing pain. During the day I put a VERY small, thin piece of cotton soaked in ACV and covered it with tape.
Use your own judgment - if you can't handle the pain do it only at night, or every other day, but keep at it! In addition you can soak your foot in warm ACV for about an hour. It may throb. Soon the small black dot will grow in size, I think it is the wart coming to the surface. One of my warts took only about 3 weeks and I was able to lift the whole ugly brown thing out of my foot with the edge of a razor blade. It was huge. It will leave a hole in your foot where the wart was - make sure there are NO tiny black dots in the hole. If so, KEEP applying the ACV because there could be another layer of warts deeper into your foot. The other foot took 3 months before it was 'clean' and the warts came out in little pieces, not one big one like the first foot. Even after they were gone I continued for several weeks to wear just a bandaid with ACV on it. Just to make SURE that they didn't come back!! I had been in SUCH pain that I couldn't stand the thought of them recurring. Be sure to keep your feet clean. DON'T walk barefoot. I started taking l-lysine because I read that it helps prevent plantar warts (HPV virus). My warts have been gone for at least 9 months. I take lysine twice a day. I wear flip flops all the time but I make sure that I wait a day to wear flip flops after I shave the callous. ACV changed my LIFE. I use it for other maladies too. Go to the ACV remedy site. It is truly a miracle cure.

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ive had a plantar wart on my foot for about a year now. went to a doctor and he cut it out, and it quickly returned. i read this yesterday and immediatly went and got some apple cider vinegar.after about 12 hours of wearing the ACV on the wart ive already dug out some of the black specks. hopefully itll be completely gone in a few days!! also when i put the ACV on my wart i didnt notice any pain at all. it actually hurt less when i put the ACV on.


one night with ACV on an i removed one of the warts. my foot hurt more the next day when i was walking around on it but i expected that. works great, thanks


I started the ACV treatment. One of my warts is really black and it's in such a painful spot on my foot (right under my littlest toes) that it hurts to touch it so I've been scraping at the surface until I can't handle it anymore then I immediately tape an ACV cotton strip on it. I have been using heavy ACV at night and when I wake up because I want these warts GONE. So far they're doing what you stated, but I was wondering if there's a certain point you can tell when to start picking the black out or not?


I have even using this acv treatment for a week and it seems to be I have black specs in the warts but it's not completely black. I'm just afraid that they are too deep and won't fall off like many people have claimed. Does the black specs mean its dying?

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