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I burst my eardrum, which got infected. After a few months I attacked it with a Qtip. My warning to you is Never Ever stick a Qtip in your ear. Your ear is a self cleaning organ. The end of the Qtip came off in my ear. The fluid build up carried it down my ear and it's now embedded around the eardrum. Antibiotics aren't helping. Doctor can't get it out. Don't put yourself in my position for any reason. It's the most miserable thing you can have happen.

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too cool

its a nose thang use nasal hot towel ear drop put da hot towel on ur nose and above ya eye or use vapor rub fa ya nose so u can clear it up and it will open ur ears reduce hurtin off ya timpel


oh. ouch i hope you get better. im sure there is something they could do like rinse your ear to remove it or use tweezers or simple surgery just removing it through back of ear maybe.


Try using hopi ear candles, they create a vacum and naturally clear the tubes of any build up.


I got the cotton from a Qtip stuck in my ear before and no one could see it. My niece that worked in a carpet factory got the plastic the cotton was on and cut slits in it. I stuck the plastic in my ear and twirled it and the cotton attached to it and I was able to pull it out. I've had to do this twice now and it worked both times.


THIS is why you don't use generic Q-tips. I've never had a regular Q-tip come apart even when I've used them to clean keyboards or something heavy duty. The generic ones, on the other hand, are AWFUL. They come apart with the least bit of pressure.

As far as cleaning your ears goes, you shouldn't be shoving Q-tips in your ears. I know we all do it (and that's how most of us end up with ear infections) but it's just not good. If you have wax on the outer part of your ear, just use a wet washcloth to get it off. You don't need to clean the inner part of your ear.


sounds like you need to go to a good ENT (ear, nose , throat) Dr not just your general MD. Just a thought, that stuff can start growing all kinds of icky crap making the infection even worse.


What kind of physician would not refer you to someone who could remove this? A specialist can, i.e. an eye, ear, nose, and throat doctor. Get further care before you lose your hearing completely.

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