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So I guess I am what you would call a chronic hive sufferer. My first major out break was about 8 years ago when, during allergy season a small area exploded to covering my entire torso. After a heaving two week prescription of Prednisone, they went away, but the itching did not every fully leave nor did a small residual area of hives - mostly concentrated in areas where I sweated and the skin couldn't breath (i.e. along the belt line). Not long afterward, as a pilot I started a job that had me working 7 days on, with 7 days off. It was during the time off that I noticed my hives would improve a bit. I was talking to a friend who worked for a natural doctor and joked that maybe I was allergic to my own sweat. At her recommendation, I started taking a vitamin B stress supplement and something called Liver Force (they recently changed names, and I wish I could recall what the new name is, but my local herbal health food store was able to figure out what I was talking about - maybe New Life or something like that... a purple box with a picture of the liver on it or something...). Anyway, any liver helper supplement will do. When the hives were bad I would take those up to 3-4 pills a day, but weaned myself so that only when the hives broke out (during allergy seasons or stressful work periods). Recently I am finding it is less effective. But if you feel like your hives may be closely connected to stressful periods of your body, give a college try.

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Anne, have you considered your sweat is a result of toxins, your body is trying to eliminate. May want to check out how to detoxify the blood, etc...


Another thing to try for detoxing the liver is an herbal tea made from powdered / roasted dandelion root. It has to be powdered / roasted to work. It tastes similar to coffee and is good hot or cold.

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