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I have a boil under my breast. Ive had them for years in different places including my vaginal area. The one under my breast started small and began to grow . Because my boobs hang a bit, after the boil grew in about 2 days, it was hurting even more. It is not a visible boil, but you can feel it when you touch and you can feel where there is pus. This morning I took onion and garlic & chopped it up. Added a bit of water and let it marinade. Take a cup, add tomato paste, menthol, bengay, oregano, turmeric powder, neosporin, a crushed aspirin and a crushed antibotic. If you have another pain killer, itll do. And if you have any type of antibiotic at home throw some in there as well. a little noxzema, and any other ingredient that has healing properties. now add the juice from the onion and garlic and mix all those together to make a paste. I applied it this morning(when the boil was no where near ready to burst) I showered completely, cleaned the area well and then applied the paste to a gauze and/or directly to the boil. I taped the gauze onto it and let it sit there the whole day. Its been a couple of hours and when I went to check on the progress, you can see the skin cracking and a head forming. Because of my previous experience with boils everywhere since I was a kid, I can tell this will burst by tomorrow. Leave the gauze on. The menthol and bengay will give you a cool feeling and the neosporin will help with the pain. Another advice, take pain killers. A boil is extremely painful. Dont try holding the pain. Apply a hot cloth to the boil or take a shower/bath. (When I showered I let the hot water hit me directly on the boil for about 15min.)Itll also help it burst and will help with the pain. I have also noticed that when I start eating healthy and exercising on the regular, I never get a boil. As soon as I stop my healthy habits, they re-appear. So im sure it has so much to do with the types of foods eaten and the toxins in ur body., Another thing that I do when I get them, I take one garlic and thinly slice it and take the slices like a pill. with water. an entire garlic. Usually, when I have a boil, and I take an entire garlic and drink it, they burst the same day. So remember, Do the paste, Take a nice hot shower and apply it, take a garlic thinly sliced, & if you have vitamin c at home take a pill of that. Take a motrin/advil/tylenol PM for the pain, and so that you can sleep well. Im almost going to bed and im making myself a green tea before going to bed. The antioxidants are good to clean your body. which is the main reason for the boils. I hope to have helped anyone going through this situation. Its such an uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing condition. I also got a boil in my vaginal area which up to date has been THE WORST THING that has happened to me. and I got rid of it. If you want to know how, let me know. Hope to have helped. Let me know how it goes.

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Please send info the pain is unbearable. I have two in vaginal area.


How did you get rid of the boil on your vijay, because i have one now and it is killing me!


Please tell me how you got rid of the boils in the vaginal area this is the first time I have had them and im in pain


I'm having so much pain with mine and I don't know what to do!! Email me please if you know how to get rid of them!!!


Please tell how you get ride of a boil in that vaginal area.


I need information about how to get rid of a vaginal boil. Please email me


How to get rid of the vigina boil

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