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After 20 + years of GH this what I've learned: (hope it helps you)

1. Avoid heartburn an acidic system-> The surest way to get an outbreak is bad heartburn. I always carry a roll of tums with me. If you've ever noticed after a bad case of heartburn, within a day or you get a canker sore-(HSV1), same thing applies to GH-(HSV2). An alkaline diet is best. (veggies)

2. Avoid Physical Or Mental Stress-> Avoid strenuous physical activity. Avoid letting your self get stressed out with your own mind babble, and avoid letting other people put you in that state. I'm not saying don't work out or stay healthy, I'm saying every time you put your body into a state like you see when people are falling down at the end of a marathon you'll get a outbreak for sure. Same thing applies to your mental state.

3. If you smoke, it will take 3 to 8 days longer for your out break to go away and heal.

4. Expensive medications that give you headaches and constipation don't necessarily work. In fact you want to keep those pipes/bowels clean. Eating right and being regular is more important than antivirals.

5. Covering the infection-> I use a product called 'New Skin'. It's a paint on bandage that you can apply and dry with a hair dryer (careful not to burn yourself). It lasts for 3 to 4 days before you need to remove it carefully/tweezers without touching the infected bandage. This idea of the blisters needing air is Bull, that's how it spreads.

6. Heating affected areas-> (if you can) with a blow dryer kills surface virus and kills the the itch for 1-3 hours. (to be done in moderation)

7. Wash your hands/keep your hands clean-> Obviously washing your hands will keep you from spreading the virus and not getting sick as well. But this especially needs to be done when you have an outbreak. GH spreads like wild fire, the minute you let your guard down you'll have spread it to another place on your body and it's there forever. Keep from touching your eyes, especially when you have an outbreak. Herpes can blind you.

What you need to know about herpes:

1. It is easily killed by temperature (hot or cold) and cannot live without a host for very long outside a host. It can live in a moist, warm environment like a bath towel for much longer.

2. Herpes can live in all mammals, some plants and even some fungi can be a host.

3. Your NOT ALONE. When I first got it about 1 in 12 people in the U.S. had it. Now that number is more than double. In 20 years we'll all have it. LOL...


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New skin really burns


How would you apply the new skin with out contaminating the rest of the bottle?

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