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I tried 1/2 a norco that I let melt on my tooth. That was okay for a while but the pain came back. Chloraseptic sore throat spray is very temporary. I went to CVS and bought Orajel, instant pain relief for severe toothache, long lasting...not. Extremely temporary.
I dapped hydrogen peroxide with a q-tip and it provided some relief.

I read on another site about grapefuit seed extract. Since I already had some capsules, I took the powder out and threw away the coating. I mixed the powder with some warm water. I tried the mixture on cotton but I have a bad gag reflex so I just put the powder / paste on my affected tooth and am holding it there by gently biting down. I have to spit every once in a while but its okay to swallow. Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibiotic and I take it (even without a bad tooth) three times a day. My tooth is beginning to feel better as I type this and I will update later this weekend. I just need to get through until I get to my dentist. I also purchased the Red Cross kit from CVS. So if this doesn't work, I will definitely use that but I read it kills the nerve so I want to try all other options first.

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