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Drink a cup of coffee or Mt. Dew. The caffeine in the drink will open up the blood vessels and relieve the pain. IF you look at any 'headache medicine' (not naming names here) but you will see that caffeine is a main ingredient.

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caffeine really works because 90% of my headaches are caused from caffeine withdraws and the other 10% is my kids lol


Caffeine doesn't cure anything. This is just feeding the addiction. If you continue this for a long time, it could do a lot of damage. Plus, the more caffeine you consume, the more your body becomes dependent on it -- which means your headaches will be even worse, if you try to stop. Better to just not do this at all.


I'm looking for a home remedy for my child. I have learned that most medications I have been giving her cause a rebound effect and make the headaches worse. I have to assume that it is caused by the caffine in the medication. My child has no other caffine in her diet. I wouldn't recommend caffine as a cureall for anything but lack of sleep (adults only).



I had very severe headaches as a child and still do from time to time, and I noticed that they would often happen after I consumed caffeine. If I drank coffee or caffeinated Coke, it wouldn't be long before my head was pounding.

Caffeine is an instigator of headaches for a lot of people, so this very well could be the case with your daughter. I think the safest natural remedy would be to buy some apple cider vinegar and/or peppermint tea (both very cheap, found in just about any grocery store)... boil one or both in water and let her relax and inhale it for a few minutes. If that doesn't work or if she doesn't like the smell, you can take a cloth, soak it in the boiled mix, and place it on her forehead and/or over her eyes. This is a very relaxing method that has seemed to work for a lot of people.

If it doesn't work, however, or if she needs something more, you could always look into various pain-relieving herbs, just make sure they'll be safe for her. There are a lot that are good for headaches (willow bark is particularly good).

Hope that helps. Good luck :)


I also suffer from caffeine withdraw. But I don't think consuming more to relieve a headache is the answer.

I'm looking at a number of solutions that don't include caffeine. I'm trying to drink cold water at fixed intervals throughout the day to minimize the frequency of the headaches.

I'll let you all know how that goes in a few days.

Good luck

Caffeine is used for Migraines, not headaches. Migraines need speed and light, headaches need the opposite. A lot of people get confused. If you, the poster, uses caffeine to relieve a headache, you're most likely relieving a migraine!


alot of the headaches i get are usually caffiene withdrawls, that is when i rarely do get headaches. i just go buy a bottle of mountain dew and it usually goes away. i mean of course you should probably take tylenol first. tylenol and exactly tylenol. not asprin, ibuprofen, aleve, etc. asprin can make your brain swell...and if ya got a headache, thats probably not a good idea. Ibuprofen and aleve can make your ears ring therefore making your headache worse. you need tylenol (acetaminophen) and some caffiene. This is one of those things where it may, or may not work. Give it a shot.


caffiene is a main ingredient because it helps speed up the effect of the actual pain medicine, not because its beneficial for treating headaches. drinking water is much better.

Nurse Betty

Just wanted to make a correction to one of the comments. Headaches that arent caused by withdrawals from drugs or caffeine are usually caused by vasoconstriciton (narrowing of the blood vessels). Migranes on the other hand are caused by vasodilation(widening of the blood vessels) causing the sensitivity to light, stomach upset etc. Caffeine causes vasoconstriction and thus would make a regular headache intensify. Caffeine only works for migrane headaches and not on regular tension or cluster headaches. So please do not drink anything containing caffeine when you're just having a regular headache. Doing so would increase the likely hood of having a stroke or anuerysm due to the blood forcefully trying to pump through very constricted vessels.

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