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I have two girls. One seventeen and one nine. My seventeen year old had lice often when she was younger and time after time, I used nix and rid - they never worked. After learning about the harmful chemicals and permanent damage that could happen to my child, I tried something different. I put mayo all over head. I mean I REALLY put a ton of that stuff in. Put a shower cap on her and let her sleep in it over night. When she woke up, we washed her hair a few times and it was still really greasy so we washed it with dawn dishwashing liquid. We used a comb and pulled out the lice and nits (this took a few hours), then blow dried it at the hottest possible temperature everyday for two weeks. I am happy to say that she has been lice free for 8 years!! I think partially because she has blow dried her hair ever since. My nine year has it now :( so for a $3.00 jar of mayo and a little effort, she will be lice free in a day!

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i'v had headlice off and on since the 3rd grade i'm now a freshman in high school i'v tried everthing including mayo but it didn't work for me do you have any tips that i can use to make it work this time!! i really hate these things and being a cheerleader and playing sports doesn't help much with having them!!! PLEASE HELP!!! :/


add a olive oil to your mayo and use a shower cap and leave on at least 4 to 8 hours and blow dry after you shampoo and condition it out and blow dry every day

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