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I got a cold... after driving from a mountain (only 900ft) to sea level my right ear got blocked badly. I have been like that for 7 days... really bad. So... I went to the doctor two days ago, a smart one thank God. He said 'first of all, please never blow your nose to try to relieve the blocked ear, you can break your ear drum'... second, 'you have two options: it's blocked bcause of a virus and will open in a cople of days more or it's got infected. Use Nasonex Nasal Spray for 3 days (actually he told me Sudafed Congestion is also very effective, but this is even better), and if it doesn't get better, it may be an infection, so, dont panic, have this antibiotic (Amoxicilina) to deal with the posible infection... whatever you do, dont fly/dive/drive to a mountain... and dont worry, you will be fine'. After 2 days using Nasonex - and having some water vapors from a pod ...and 7 days having something called Mucovital, to disolve the mucus) today I can say my right ear is open. It did it by itself, no yawning, no blowing... Please guys, take care of your blocked ears just in case it's an infection (if it lasts more than 2/3 days). I'm glad Nasonex worked and I dont have to deal with antibiotics... I'll still have to take care of my cold and be careful for some days but Ill be fine. Hope this helps. I really did my homework and researched through internet before and after seeing the doctor (some wrong/dangerous ideas out there, please be careful, some people doesnt know what are they talking about)... so, after my happy ending, I wanted to share my case/knowledge/experience/solution to try to help you guys if you are in this uncomfortable situation. Don't panic, just take care of it soon. You'll be fine. Love :)

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really really glad yours cleared on its own but for the record some of us arent so lucky,. i suffer from a condition called 'sticky ear' its what most kids get tubes in their ears for but what has me and my doctors stumped is i am apparently the first case of sticky ear ever that occurs behind the ear drum, tubes dont work, decongestants dont work, ear candling and peroxide, antibiotics etc dont work really glad that yours cleared up but i have been almost 100% deaf for over 3 months and my doctor, audiologist and ENT are stumped so to you and any other doubters sometimes we have to go beyond the realms of modern medicine into the archives of humanity to find a 'real' remedy. for exammple did you know you can chew on willow bark for a headache? white willow contains ASA or asprin. we would not have asprin if the natives didnt teach the white man about willow bark but if you tell your doctor your eating willow bark cuz of a headache they will likely admit you to mental health.............. and you cant od on willow bark (it is still not safe for children tho)


Never, NEVER fly with blocked ears through having a cold, or do anything which gives you sudden changes in altitude. I had a bad cold 8 years ago and flew, my right ear has been more or less continually blocked ever since. I have to contantly yawn to make it go awat temporarily. The docs says there's nothing can be done and it's not wax but an inner ear damage. Some time after, that ear now rings constantly. A lot of damage was done the day I flew with blocked ears, please, please don't attempt it. And NEVER use ear candles when they are blocked either, they didn't work for me, possibly exacerbated things.

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