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I was having the most intense pain--it felt like electric shocks--in one of my crowned molars. I took every painkiller I could lay my hands on, I did the clove oil, warm rum, the warm salty water, etc. Nothing helped for more than a couple of minutes. I wanted to knock myself out, the pain was so intense.

When I got to the emergency dentist the next day, they x-rayed it and told me I had an abscess and would need a root canal. They gave me a course of amoxycillin and within hours of starting it the pain subsided. So my advice is to keep some on hand (or get some from a friend) if possible and you are sure you aren't allergic. I know this isn't a home remedy, but now that I know what this sort of pain can do to you, I wanted to let my fellow sufferers know that this was a lifesaver. Of course in the end you have to be able to pay for treatment... I feel for all you out there who don't have dental insurance. I am paying for my root canal out of pocket, but I'm in the UK so it won't cost the thousands of dollars it would in the US.

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