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Honestly, I suffered from acne since I was nine and I'm currently 14. I tried proactive, clean and clear, lemon juice, egg whitesd, etc. and nothing worked. Finally, my friend came home from Florida (he has acne bad also) and said he met a forein girl that had beutiful skin and her secret was WHITE VINEGER! I tried it and in a matter of days my acne was almost completely gone black heads and all. Also wash your face in the Cetaphil Anti-bacteria bar soap. I also took vitamin A which helped a lot to. Good luck(:

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How do you use the viniger?


how to use it?


how do you use the vinegar? like do you put it all over your acne and leave it on over nightttt?


Just dab it on with a cotton ball all over your face or wherever you get the acne. Leave it on over night and there should be improvment. I saw this, tried it, and LOVED it! Except it stung and my eyes watered and my face was red. But hey, pain is beauty. :)


I just tried it last its pretty good and it didnt sting for me it did turn a few pimples red though


I'm 17 && have acne since I was 11! its definitely a pain && I've wanted to jus run & hide sometimes! nothing; proactiv, clean && clear, not even skinID worked for me!
I'm gonna try the white vinegar & hope it works because I've heard of it before! but I have the cetaphil liquid face wash, not the bar soap. think it should have the same affects?

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