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Have been trying the ACV remedy for a while but with not too much success. To be honest I don't think I've been doing it long enough and in the right intervals. The pain is great but the smell is what really gets to me.
However I have found a solution to the smell. I use soaked cotton balls and band-aids. then I make sure to cover those with gentle medical tape. Then I load my underwear with baby powder to cover the smell.

I'm going to continue this remedy till I can't take the pain anymore.

So far I'm on day 4, twice a day morning for 3hrs and evening for 3hrs. I can't sleep through it.

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Don't try to do it overnight.It makes it too much of a headache. Just do it for about an hour or 2 before your shower or bath. Soaking in a warm tub will soften your warts and make it easier to penetrate the area with whatever your topically applying. Try to boost your immune system an easy, and somewhat gross/unpleasant way is to consume a garlic clove. You can also apply fresh minced garlic to your affected area for as long as you can muster it. Also If you have not heard or tried it, tea tree oil seems to be very effective. Apply it after a shower or bath. It has a distinct smell, but not nearly as disturbing as the avc. You can also choose to dilute it with water if the smell is too strong. Boost up on vitamin C, but do not overdue it, too much c can actually weaken your immune system. Hope this is helpful.


you should never use 100% tea tree oil. If its painful stop. You can actually overdose on it. I personally think a lil sting is a good sign but if the burning lasts longer than fifteen minutes wash it off. I mix tea tree oil with lotion. I have a glass dropper and count the drops if oil to lotion I use. I have increased the drops for a stronger solution every few days. Hope this helps. Be patient and don't over do it


ACV Definitely works! So don't give up. Keep at it for at least 3 hours per day, and maybe two three hour sessions a day if you can.

This treatment is almost painless to me compared to other methods I've used (Freezing, burning creams, wart creams etc.)... But my warts are on my penis shaft so it's not internal... I would imagine this would be painful on the sensitive rims of a vagina, but the pain is worth it if you can get rid of them.

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