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My daughter is 5 months old..She was a collic newborn and now has bad reflux..the formula she is on gives her constipation and now shes having some solids it got worse...for 5 days she would scream and grunt and strain..i felt so bad for her..i tried massages..warm baths ect..even brown sugar with water...nothing worked....i ended up giving her 20mls of pear juice mixed with 130mls of water...she drank about 5-10mls and wammo she pooped immediately with no discomfort...ive never been so proud nor seen my precious so remember PEAR JUICE AND WATER :)

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Do you think this is safe for a week old baby?


No! I would not give a week old baby anything other than formula or breast milk. If you are breastfeeding it is very normal for LO to go a few days without popping. But if you are worried make an appointment with a pediatrician. Do not give a week old baby anything besides formula or breastmilk unless his/her pediatrician says to.


If she pooped immediately it wasn't the pear juice. It was just a coincidence.

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