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I am a yellow lab with sensitive skin and my family thinks I have mange again at the base of my tail. My owner got a recipe for a cure off TV about a year ago. It had vinegar, tea and I think peroxide in it, she calls it my 'taily bone medicine'. Everytime it itches she applied it to the affected areas. It made it feel better and stopped the ithching. Within a few days my skin healed and the hair grew back. Does anyone know the exact measurements and ingredients? I am afraid she is going to run out.

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hi did it make ur dog better

jack mehof

i didnt know dogs could type...your bizar




Whof,whof,whof,whof, whof whof whof,Oooooohw


i would like the measurements of this remedy, and what kind of tea do you use?


may not be tea but rather tea tree oil

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