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I usually shave my arms in the shower, but had failed to do so today. Therefore, I made the dumb decision to do so after. Upon arrival at work, I noticed my arms were red & bumpy from razor burn & of course I don't have on long sleeves! I put lotion on, which made it burn worse, so I let warm water run over them for a minute and used aloe soap. Then, I immediately searched my purse and found Hydrocortizone Cream to apply. It didn't work immediately lol so my impatience led me to also apply Triple antibiotic Pain Relief Ointment on top of that. I decided to take advil since I know it helps with inflammation. Within 30 min I was pleasantly surprised that my concoction worked! Woo hoo no more redness! Good luck :)

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Hey thanks fa da help! So I did da same thing got out da shower forgot to hit up my legs, so I figure put some body oil on them n shave. Well I got half done w one leg n started feelin da burn n pain. so I just sat on side of tub used soap n water to finish. Leg hurt all day. My man put vassaline n after shave on it didn't work! So I read this n decided to take part your idea da hydrocortisone cream. I placed campho-phenique 1st it burned ouch! Then I placed hydroc. Cream. It was better in like 15mins or less!!! Yay!! I couldn't touch my leg now I can do da normal! Love Google!!!


Oh yea by da way best way to shave ya under arm n arms is using clips u can get some from beauty supply,Walmart, or dollar store. Its a clean easy great shave I promise I love it placing alcohol after not even bad. I looks good trust try it u helped me out!! N..e again

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