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G. Lewis

For ring worm on anywhere on your body accept scalp just ductape some crushed garlic to your skin for about 10 to 12 hour and of course may burn a little but the ringworm will start to leaving your skin.

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Garlic does work very well on ringworm.
Crush garlic clove and then just keep putting it on ringworm, you can even eat it to speed up healing. Just mix a spoon of crushed garlic and raw honey swallow :-)does not taste that good but just put on you're grown up panties and do it:-) You can also put that mixture on ringworms cover with plastic wrap.
(honey contains natural antibiotics) (Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is antifungal)


I just got back from the emergency room for treatment of the burns caused by putting crushed garlic on my ankle. I will NEVER do that again! I ended up with cellulitis and can hardly put weight on my food! I would not suggest using garlic on your skin. Research crushed garlic and skin burns on Google and you will see all the people who, like me, wish they hadn't done that! Expensive lesson for me!

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