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I'm trying tea tree oil soaked in a cotton ball. I dabbed some onto the wart directly with a Qtip, then I soaked some cotton balls in it and placed them over the warts and taped it with duck tape. I don't know how well this is going to work. I'm also taking immune boosting pills with Elderberry in it twice a day and 6 garlic pills a day (3 in the am, 3 in the pm). I'm hoping it won't take long for this to work. I can't do pain at all, so I'm not even gonna try the ACV. I tried to put some garlic cloves on my vag but the burning was still too much for me to handle so I took them out and washed my self. I'll post back to let you know how the tea tree oil and pills work.

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Tea Tree Oil alone will not do much it's mostly meant for healing and moisturizing, and no pill will give you results.

You could be in the best shape of your life and be on every vitamin in the world but it won't make the warts go away. Believe me I've had them for 9 years and I've been in peak shape before and the warts didn't go away. Being in great shape and being healthy will definitely help you prevent future warts, or to prevent the ones you have from growing, but it won't make them go away.

I can't stress using the ACV treatment enough, It is the only solution I've seen that will actually kill your current warts for good. No pain, No Gain!


tea tree got rid of many of mine, but I didn't get the scab or brown area like with ACV. I started ACV last night and noticed on my clitoris one is brown now, so glad. Be very careful washing in the shower, I have them on the left side now, I didn't before. I'm very clean and careful, and these suckers still spread. Will be using ACV and fenugreek for soothing in-between. Tea tree oil is more painful than ACV, tho it does work, it just takes longer. I'm so sick of this! I hope to be rid of them for good in the next few days, my hubby has 2 weeks off, and has been working out of town, I miss that connection! I will update tomorrow. I have two scabs on clitoris, and 2 on right, and two on left, and one up above (I shave, but not all the way--not sure if this is an ingrown hair or a wart, praying not)


not true on the herbs, they do help, they build up the immmune system, and probiotics, green tea, elderberry, echinacea/goldenseal all have antibiotic properties, healing properties. I'm going to take my elderberry also.


taking paper towels and soaking it with ACV is the best way to go for me, then sit or lay down and press it on. Many of mine were flat and I couldn't feel or see them until the ACV turned them white. I'm going to keep it up all day, I want this over with!!


Also tea tree oil is not moisturizing, it's very drying, and I've used it after many surgeries, back and neck, to heal up wounds. It dries them up. It's too drying if used on dry skin.

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