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Get an old sock and fill it with rice. Microwave the sock for 30-45 seconds (depending on how hot you can stand it) and then lay down with the sock under your bad ear. Once the sock has cooled off, sit up and try cleaning your ear with a Q-tip. (Always be careful when you use Q-tips! Don't stick it too far into your ear!) The heat will melt the excess wax and make it easier to remove.

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Thank you ! It worked so well......that I had to then do the other ear because it felt clogged when I was done with the original that was bugging me !


hi i am 12 years old and i have recently had a cold now i have gone deaf in my left ear woould it still work if i do it ?


Um actually the sock and rice method is really bad. The sock can get heated up so much but you don't realize it and it burns through the mattress causing a fire. This has happened.


Omg the sock burning through the mattress, that sounds so silly! Serious you dont just fall asleep on it, its a treatment besides your heating it up for not even a min.... It sounds like a great way to clear wax, wish me luck!!


Thank you soooo much! Nothing else was working, so I figured I'd give a try and it worked like magic! Thanks again!!


You're not suppose to use a Q-Tip in your ear. The other remedies are better.


Do you do this with raw rice or cooked ? I been having pain in my ear really want to kno if this gonna work !


Uncooked rice (apparently).

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