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Ok my tooth been cracked like a year just started hurting my first toothache ever i cried for 2 days then i looked up some things to help i found toothpaste mixed with crushed asprines or any pain pill nd fill the hole or crack with it pain relife like that if that doesnt work use good old oragel

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Well, I tried all the home remedies listed here, they dont work, as much as I wanted them to. Came from the ER today with a stronger antibiotic. I have a major tooth infection. Pain like neuropathy on the side of my face. I had to keep cold water on my tooth to avoid the pain. Couldn't sleep. I found Tylenol with Codiene liqiud, from my son when he broke his arm. I put it on my tooth. For the first minute, I wanted to scream and go for the water, but I couldnt keep that up again tonite. It worked! Call your doctor and get some. It really worked. I have it by my bed.


Oragel sucks!!!! Doesn't work!!!


Yeah orajel sucks ass unless u use the whole tube at once.


I woke up tonight with the most awful tooth ache.. i read this and decided to try toothpaste.. it worked! i gargled with salt water, then put a dab of vanilla extract on it, covered it with toothpaste (whatever i had in the bathroom) and i can breathe again!


Over-application of oral anesthetics such as Anbesol can increase the risk of pulmonary aspiration by relaxing the gag-reflex and allowing regurgitated stomach contents or oral secretions to enter the airway.

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