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I am sharing our own story. Our son had eczema since his birth. We had so many terrible nights, him scratching all night and us watching helplessely. We tried everything from steroid to natural home made remedies to ayurveda remedies to homeopathy, But all in vain. But things changed when our washer broke down and we bought the top of the line LG washer that has 'Sanitizing wash cycle'. After using the new washer our son's eczema got better within days. And this is how we believe it worked

We were applying a lot of vaseline and aquaphor to his skin regularly as doctors reccomend.Even though we were using organic cotton clothes the vaseline was getting absorbed in the fiber of the cotton and had made a film inside the fabric. That would not only negate the purpose of using cotton but make it worse. it was breeding ground for bacteria. His clothes would feel sticky from inside even though they were looking clean.We tried boiling clothes in order to get rid of the vaseline but made no difference. But the new washer uses the sanitizing cycle and gets rid of it. It takes more than twice the time to run the cycle but the results are amazing.

For us it was nothing short of a miracle. I feel the pain of all the parents and the kids that are going through this terrible experience. But , please check if a simple change like this can make a difference in your case. I hope for the best for everyone.

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The answer to solving eczema is simple:
drink a lot of water: what is a lot of water: i'm a 175 lb male and must drink at least one gallon of fluids (water, being the best choice)per day.
That was the easy part.
DO NOT consume or limit drastically to any and all sugars (refined sugar is the worst, like the stuff you find in sodas and candy)with the exception of naturally producing sweeteners found in fruits.
results take about a week or so depending on your level of determination in getting rid of your eczema.

Nutty Lady

I am horrified to read that a doctor would recommend Vaseline to use on your kids inflamed skin.
Vaseline has no medicinal values nor is it absorbed by the skin. It simply blocks the pores, which in the case of an eczema
outbreak is not only ludicrous but makes things even more painful for a child.
Try a nourishing organic or wild harvested oil such as coconut or jojoba, slightly warmed (not hot)and let it absorb. Cut back on hot showers/baths. As a matter of fact, skip a shower or two and have a kitty bath instead, so your natural oils have a chance to build up again.
Just a few tips. Good luck


Agreed on the vaseline, one of the worst things you can do! It is a mineral oil and though leaves your skin feeling 'softer' will in the long run cause more damage. Baby oil and vaseline do not belong on skin especially inflamed skin. I hope the little guy is doing better!

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