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I was a nurse and never on my thought out of the blue I would get genital warts. I'm only with one sexual partner and I guess I got from him. Nothing blame after all. It made me so desperately feel so self degrading knowing I have let this happen to me. But after all sht happens all the time. I was having shower till I noticed a bump on the sides of my vagina. The outer side, till I check it on the mirror and I am confident it is a wart. I think they multiplied since I started noticing them days ago thought it was just nothing. So I googled home remedy for it. Till acv rings the bell everywhere here. That night there was nothing in our cupboard but white vinegar. So I used it for the mean time. Till tomorrow after work, I went to the shops and bought those things. Apple cider vinegar, cotton balls, garlic tablets, b complex tablets, and tea tree oil. I started it at home Monday night after a hot shower. At first it wasnt too bad till my skin are absorbing the acv that's the time the burning sensation is killing me softly. I forgot I got some ibuprofen tablets too . I took 2 tablets 30 minutes before I put the cotton balls soaked on acv. So what I did, I used a scotch tape to let the soaked cotton balls stay in place on my vagina. I left it for overnight. My sleep wasn't really good, I woke up 2am and can still a bit of burning went back to sleep. And early in the morning while having shower I washed my vagina thoroughly with lukewarm water and vaginal wash. Afterwards, I let it dry and as I have seen it went white. the warts were gone whitish! So I soaked the cotton balls into tea tree oil applied it to area infected and I left the cotton ball for almost 3hours. Second day, Tuesday arvo while having a wee I noticed they went black. I started putting tea tree oil again for skin healing fast. I stopped using acv on the second night too keep my skin too much burning. I used tea tree oil instead, and while checking the area they all went went black like scabs. The warts are started to fall of while I was applying the Tea tree oil. I was amazed and felt relieved after finally seeing its worth the pain paying for. Don't forget that genital warts is caused by a virus not infection. One thing is important keep your immune system on its highest level. The moment it goes down like you are stress, sleep deprived and etc there's a tendency they will show off again. I'm drinking but c 1000mg a day, garlic tablets and b complex tablets plus lots of water. Remember that genital herpes is a virus. It is curable but the virus stays in our body and we can't get rid of it anymore. It is in our cells already and they get alarmed onced the time our immune system goes down. Hope this works for you. Thank you for this site and it really helped alot. Just a bit of a patience reading and endure the burning sensation as acv is a strong acid.

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So you're completely clear of the warts in the area you treated? can you notice they were there at all?


without offense, but if you are a nurse for real then that confirms the reason why all of us are looking for info on internet. i do not know where you studied nursing but you have got confusion about few basics medical terms. you claim that 'is a virus not infection'. i rarely read or heard a biggest bullshit in my university life. a virus can cause an infection, a virus can infect you. you claim that a virus stays with us lifelong. that is so stupid as claiming that nobody gets cleared of a flu. said that nurses do not usually recommend home remedies. nobody should joke with people's health.

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