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I have discovered my outbreaks occure after shaving around the genital area.
I have had very sever outbreaks that require prescribed medication. But recently I have increased my L-lysine when an OB is occurring, keeping the area dry (with tampon/ hair dryer), & my biggest saviour is Bonjela. A teething gel, it stings like hell for no more then 1 min (very intense) but then I get 2-3 hours of no pain/itch/discomfort. I also find bonjela drys the blisters up very quickly prob due to the alcohol base. Works for me a lot more then aloe
Vera gel/lemon balm etc.
Hope this helps

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do you use the tampon as normal to stop the discharge... or do you just use it to absorb the excess moisture? cause I've been having discharge and I fear my blisters won't clear if its moist due to the discharge


Unfortunately one side effect for females during an OB is discharge. So yes that is why a tampon is used. Have to keep the blisters as dry as possible to encourage them to scab/heal. Hair dryer is good after a shower. Hope this helps


Try Tea Tree Oil instead of the gel. It doesn't sting and also does a good job drying out the sores. And take Acidophilus--it's a bacteria in the form of a vitamin pill. Hope this helps.

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