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I've had this darn RLS for as ling as I can remember, 12 or 13 I guess (28 now). As i get older it gets worse. I suffer from it every darn night (awake now at 2:30 am California time). Since I lost my job and have no health insurance and can't afford to buy some, a doctor visit is out of the question. Finding this site has been a godsend. I'll try each and every one of these remedies if I have too. Thanks everyone for your input and its good to know I'm not the only one crying my eyes out because they can't sleep.

These are a few things that i have tried in the past and used, and get fairly consistent results, but not always. 1st is leg stretches. I would do calf and thigh stretches, stretching to the point of minor pain, doing it in an alternating manner for about 5 mins. This usually works for me about 70% of the time. 2nd is I have...well HAD, this chamomille tea, called nighty night tea for kids ( I have a 4 year old son who used to refuse to go to bed at night). It's in a blue box and has a cartoon owl on it looking like he is about to pass out. That works great too, about 65% of the time. Any relaxing tea can be used, and if you have the money, stop by Teavana and get yourself a custom blended relaxing tea. 3rd is get up and walk around for about 10 mins. The symptoms should stop, and if your like me, your going to be soooo tired to start with, that after you walk around, your going to fall asleep fast, before the symptoms can flare back up. And 4th, well this works FOR ME 100% of the time, is some good sex. Problem is that your partner is most likely going to be pissed if you wake them up at 2:30am and not really in the mood. And in my case since I have symptoms every night, that could be problematic as well. 5th is I grab my body pillow, put it between my legs, and then draw my legs up to my chest as far as is comfortable. This technique unfortunately though only works for me about 40% of the time, if that.

I look forward to trying some of these new remedies and hope others find this goldmine of info useful. DEATH TO RLS!!!!!

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I've tried a lot of these remedies too. I laughed when I saw the one about sex because I've noticed that too. I'm assuming it's the tension relief that does it. But like everything else it's not a consistent remedy and of course, not always an option. Everything seems to work for awhile and then I have to change up, even medication doesn't do the trick for ever. I have tried some homeopathic remedies that have some affect, quinine specifically. I've also used blue emu muscle rub and while I hate the fact these birds are harvested for their oil and other things, this stuff does work great for muscle pain (for me) and sometimes for the RLS.


Uggghhhh! I feel your pain! I have RLS SEVERELY and am 28 years old. I do the same things you do. I get so pissed when I am in a dead sleep and have to get up and walk around the flipping house. It almost makes me want to cry. It is SUCH a horrible discomfort and the thing that upsets me the most is when my husband doesn't understand what I am going through. If I had a genie in a bottle, I would allow him to have it for one night, so he could feel just how GOD AWFUL it really is!!! Thanks for sharing your remedies with us. Take care!

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