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Ok I get black head on the rim of my lip. I use to be scared to squeeze them. So I boiled some water, place a washcloth in the water let cool but keep hot enough till you can stand it. place the cloth on my face repeat this twice maybe three times. Then I mixed baking soda and fresh lemon juice until it made an paste (may burn for few min but not to bad) but paste on face or area where you get blackheads the most.let sit over night. Wash face blackheads disappear.

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Sheena Hinzey

does it really work

jamiu ademoye

anyway havent tried it but am sure its will work


Gunna try this tonite and get back to yall to say how it worked:)


When it dries on your face is it supposed to be smooth or crackle?


Am I supposed to have red, blotchy skin after this...? No? Allergic reaction? Fuuuuck...


I only have them on my nose, I will try this tonight and see how it works and let everyone know the result. I am also going to be looking into other remedies as well, I think the burning sensation is never a good thing on your face-- facial skin is very sensitive and anything that burns it could possibly destroy pours so be cautious. I will try this tonight and report back with my result. I will also let everyone know what I find to work best if I can find it. Another thing, those patches you get to put on your nose to rip out blackheads has been proven to be ineffective for the simple fact that it only rips out the top of the blackhead, all the gunk still remains in your pours after the supposed 'removal' process.


Doesn't work I tried it

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