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Forums often offer some good advice, but most of the time those are for temporary help... But even temporary help is welcome to someone who is suffering. But I am glad to be able to tell you, dear fellow sufferers that there is something that will knock infection out. Medical doctors simply will not believe you, after you tell them what happened so,they will say that you did not even have one in the beginning.
It is a product called 'Ultimate Immune System Support' Silver Biotic. This blue bottle has a miracle ingredient, and it stops infection dead in the tracks. When my dentist left for the Beach this Thanksgiving, not leaving me an emergency number to call him if I need him over the Holidays, I was forced to try alternative, or go to emergency room. A fellow worker, who has a quiver full of kids, and is by the way very smart man, in field of Mechanical engineering, recommended this stuff, saying, he would go bankrupt without this stuff, since his kids get sick often.... It worked, and after 8 doses (3 times daily, my infection was almost gone all the way. Today, I don't have it any longer. My dentist did not take it very well, saying I had no infection, but he did not see what I went through! Now, someone 60 years young, and being as smart cookie as I am, KNOWS when she has an infection! I recommend this stuff to anyone who is sick and tired of begging doctors for favors, and having to pay a fee just to be handed a piece paper called prescription. God bless everyone, and Blessed Christmas to all! :)

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can u please tell me where to buy that product? my dentist told me that I need a root canal for 2 (teeth) and it will cost me $760 each. I have no dental insurance,doing part time job only.


OMG, I have this product and forgot about it, I got it at the health food store. Thanks for posting. I was searching for my husband who is in severe pain right now and I made him squirt it in his mouth, time will tell I guess. Thanks again!!


I know people will think I am crazy but I did it and it worked. Divide a whole dried pinto bean into two pieces lengthwise. (I put it in between my upper and lower molars and bit it with just enough pressure to pop it into two pieces.) Put one piece next to the absessed tooth, flat side down, and leave it until morning. Next morning, no infection! My mom heard about this from a herbalist on internet TV. I did it and boy am I glad I did!


Sorry I didn't get back here sooner... This product can be bought in most every GNC type store, but I order it from Swanson Vitamins for the best price. I also believe that other products named Colloidal Silver would do, although this one ranks among the best. If you can buy a big 16 oz bottle (economy size) it'll last for few treatments of just about any infection. Only take 1/2 Tablespoon dose, instead of 1 teaspoon as prescribed, 3 times daily, for at least 5 days.... This remedy is no joke, and NO SIDEFECTS!

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